From consultation, implementation and support, our comprehensive services can help your business thrive. We are partners of Mitsubishi Marine Engines and many famous transmission manufacturers in the marine industry.

Mitsubishi Marine Engines

Mitsubishi marine engines are built to last and meet the high demands of reliability needed in the extreme conditions of the offshore industry. Together with our partners, we have many years of experience. With our mechanical fuel system, our engines are durable and easy to maintain, minimizing downtime and maintenance expenditure.

Mitsubishi Marine Generator Sets

Marine generator sets with an output range from 522 kWe up to 1633 kWe. Ideally suited for ferries, tankers, cruisers and other dependable applications.


The service you need, no matter how tough the conditions

We know that efficient operation and limited downtime are crucial for your business. You can trust on the reliability and durability of Mitsubishi engines and generator sets. Maintaining your Mitsubishi product in optimum condition is what our skilled service network is trained for. Ensuring that your business can continue running.

Operation & Maintenance

Good maintenance is of crucial importance to ensure the reliability of operations of your Mitsubishi product. Learn more about the operation and maintenance of a Mitsubishi Engines and Mitsubishi Generator Sets.

Service & Repair

Service and repair works are done through our dealer network. Our dealers are trained and equipped to work on your Mitsubishi Engines and Mitsubishi Generator Sets in the various applications and industries we serve.


Mitsubishi Engine genuine parts maximize performance, prolong engine life, and meet today’s strict requirements for making them the best possible match for your engine.
To ensure your operation and minimize downtime, parts are of great importance.

Operator Training

We provide regular train-the trainer programs all year round to our end-users ensuring they know how to operate and keep their engines and/or generator sets in optimum condition. In these programs our customers receive theoretical and practical knowledge of our engine and generator set unique service and maintenance requirements..

Reintjes Marine Transmission

As name-giver Theodor Reintjes founded a small mechanical workshop in Emmerich am Rhein in 1879, it was hardly foreseeable that this workshop would create an international group of companies with more than 500 employees worldwide, nine subsidiaries and numerous sales and service partners. Since 1929 Reintjes has been a specialist for the production of marine gearboxes, especially for workboats, fast ships and fast ferries in the power range 250 to 30,000 kW

Dong-I Transmission

D-I have over 40 marine transmission models, from 70HP to 1500HP.

· Quiet operation by helical gearing and grinding

· Same torque capacity & ratio in both ahead and astern

· Trolling valve for slow speed navigation.(the particular models)

· Flexible Coupling (Optional)

· Electric shifting valve(Optional)

· Light weight than others

· Comvenient maintanance

· No Consumable parts (except for Zinc anode)

· Easy to change Bell-housing

Masson Marine Transmission

Range From 200 HP to 5000 HP Quality culture: Strong R&D backed by 110 years of experience. High quality control for each of the critical parts. Complying with the most important classification societies. Our products offer the highest level of durability.

Marine Transmissions